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Friday, August 31, 2007

KNU Statement on Current Situation

September 1, 2007

• Since August 19, 2007, public demonstrations led by the 88-movement students and the NLD women, for reduction of fuel and commodity prices, have been spreading gradually. Regarding this matter, we, the KNU, state our position as follows.

• We, the KNU, fully support the people, who get out into the streets and honestly state their true situation and will, as they could no longer bear the pain of drastic increase in fuel prices, in addition to high commodity prices.

• As the brutal suppression of the demonstrators, using organized thugs called “Swan-ar-shin”, detaining more than a hundred demonstrators and continuing the search and arrest of the 88-movement student leaders and other mass leaders by the military clique are totally against legal norms, we explicitly oppose and condemn them.

• Since the movement for reduction of fuel prices, commodity prices and the release of the detainees is legitimate, the people are bound to carry on the struggle. For that reason, we would like to urge the workers, peasants, students, Sanghas, civil servants, armed forces personnel, intellectuals and the ethnic nationalities to join the movement, in force, until the end is achieved.

• Hiring of people by the SPDC military clique to beat up the fellow oppressed is an extremely horrific act. We earnestly urge these hired hands to oppose the SPDC’s unjust bidding and participate in the movement.

• In conclusion, we would like to affirm that the SPDC military clique totally lacks either the mandate or the ability to rule the country. For that reason, we solemnly demand the SPDC to stop its indiscriminate violence against the people and immediately begin dialogue for the resolution of political and economic problems, justly.



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